Mental Toughness

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

What do you do before trying to hit a personal record (PR) at the gym? What do other people tell you to do when you want to achieve a goal? I know when I want to achieve something I really want, I put my mind into it or I get in the zone.

With most of my clients, I tell them that everything that we’re going to be doing will be mental. You can not achieve anything if your mind is not right. I myself struggled with mental toughness. When trying to achieve something  I know I can do, there is always self doubt and weakness mentally when tackling challenges.

There was always this blockade that’s preventing me from moving forward or getting better. This changed once I realized that I have to be mentally stronger, control my emotions, and remain calm when under pressure.

Our biggest enemy is our minds. Mental weakness will prevent anyone from anything they want. No matter how tough your background looks to others, if we are not mentally tough you will lose that battle.

I remember posting on Instagram something about using my anger and pain that I kept inside to fuel the fire that was building up inside that told me “I’m nothing."

Motivation can be strengthened in different ways. For some of us, if we think back to a negative experience, a failure, that feeling often times can provide the motivation for you to keep going, to keep practicing, to keep learning.

Whereas, a time of victory or success can also provide motivation in that it fuels the desire to recreate that feeling, to reclaim that winning experience strong enough”, “That I will never become anything” and “That I am a failure”. After experiencing these thoughts, I recognized this wasn’t true and sought out to be a better version of myself. I decided to pursue a positive outcome.

This moment was probably the start of many mental breakthroughs from transitioning anger to passion, it’s easy to confuse the two. It helped me improve myself as a person to keep pushing forward no matter what.

You have to find what is holding you back mentally. Once you find that blockade find a way to use that as fuel and motivation to keep you moving and not hold you back. Fight through those thoughts and doubts and breakthrough that wall that's preventing you from your goals. It is all mind over matter, for our minds can and will control what we can and can’t do. Don’t let it stand in your way, take the wheel and control your future.


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