Counterbalance Squat

Counterbalance Squat is a safe and easy way to help improve squat technique. It helps develop proper movement pattern in the ankle, knees and hips. This variation provides a more comfortable positioning by assisting the individual in a more upright squat by shifting the load and reducing pressure in unwanted areas.

Why Use This Variation

Individuals who benefit from this variation are the ones who have a difficult time keeping their chest upright, knees tracking too far forward and poor ankle mobility.

Performing the Counterbalance Squat

Step 1: Stand feet around shoulder width apart while holding weight in front of you

Step 2: Push your knees slightly out to open your hips.

Step 3: While keeping your body weight on your midfoot and a neutral spine, slowly lower your hips straight down.

Step 4: As you reach the parallel pause.

Step 5: As you come up, keep your weight midfoot and as you extend your knees squeeze your glutes.


To progress the counterbalance squat, increase the tempo of your movement to increase time under tension. When you feel more comfortable with this variation move up the 7 Squat Progressions.


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