Common Squat Mistakes

Squatting can be bad for you if done improperly. Poor mechanics, mobility issues and lack of technique can cause injuries short term and long term. It is important that squats are done properly to reduce the risk of injury. When done right, squats can build overall strength. Here are some common squat mistakes.

1) Knees Cave in (Knee Valgus)

Knee cave (also called Knee Valgus or knock knee) can create serious problems at the knee joint and sometimes in the hips and low back. When this happens in the squat, the knee joints are put in an unstable and unwanted position. Knee valgus can be seen in men, but it is typically more common in females due to a larger hip to knee angle (Q angle).

Valgus at the knees may be caused by a few things:

  • Weak Hips (Especially Glute Medius)

  • Weak Quads

  • Poor Technique

  • Poor Mobility

  • Flat Feet

Try adding these into your training to help fix your knee valgus.

  • Strengthen abductors and hip external rotator

o Lateral Band Walk

o Clam Shell

  • Strengthen quads

o Bulgarian Split Squat

o Lateral Step Down

  • Improve Technique

o Banded Squats (Bands around knees)

o Eccentric Squats

  • Improve Ankle Mobility