5 Steps You Should Be Doing To Warm Up

With our busy days and stressful weeks having the best warm-up routine could help improve performance and reduce stress. We have to REMAP our mind and body to redirect it from work to training.

When preparing for training we almost always do not warm up enough, some of us don’t even warm up. Just getting under the bar ramping up and building up to your working set is not a great idea. You are not getting your nervous system ready, your muscles and joints will be stiff and you will be prone to injury. Before putting a bar on your back, before holding on to any weight, go through a proper warm-up routine based on what you are about to do.

The best way to warm-up before training is called REMAP.

REMAP covers all the necessary aspects of warm-up to help you prepare for your training. This warm-up includes; Muscles to be used, joints the will move, & nervous system preparation.

Purpose of the Warm-Up

  1. Prepares your nervous system

  2. Decrease risk of injury

  3. Increase heart rate

  4. Increase blood flow to muscles

  5. Increase core temperature

  6. Improves joint movement

  7. Activates neuromuscular coordination and stability

Steps Needed to Warm-up (REMAP)

  1. Raise

  2. Evaluate

  3. Mobilize

  4. Activate

  5. Prime


First step to warming up is to raise heart rate, increase blood flow, increase core temperature & increase breathing rate. This can be done through light intensity cardio like a light jog, elevated walk on a treadmill, or rowing machine to name a few. By doing this, you will greatly reduce the risk of soft-tissue injuries.

DO NOT do a full cardio workout before training. This only makes you tired which will affect the quality of your training.